To be licensed as Registered Acupuncturist all candidates must meet the requirements of CTCMPANL which include successful completion the Pan-Canadian Written and Clinical Case-study Examinations (PCE) with respect to the title of Registered Acupuncturist.

** At this time Newfoundland and Labrador has not been granted regulation for the full scope of Traditional Chinese Medicine. License or Registration is only applicable to TCM Acupuncturists. To be registered in Newfoundland and Labrador, with full General Status or R.Ac., applicants will also be required to complete the NL Clinical Competency Examination. **

Please refer to New applicants – NLCHP for the full list of Registration requirements.

Pan Canadian Examination Schedule

The examination schedule for October 2024 Pan-Canadian Examinations is as below:

Application Starts:June 3, 2024 (8:30 AM PDT)
Application Deadline:July 15, 2024 (4:30PM PDT)
Deadline for Special Accommodation Request:July 15, 2024 (4:30PM PDT)
Deadline for Withdrawal of Application:September 3, 2024 (4:30PM PDT)
(Application fee is Non-Refundable & Administrative Fee $100 can be applicable)
Date of TCM Herbalists Examination - HEROctober 1 & 2, 2024
Date of Acupuncturists Examination - ACUOctober 23 & 24, 2024
Date of TCM Practitioners Examination - PRANA

Education Requirements

Applicants are required to meet the education requirements (both TCM and two years post secondary study) for registration.  Please refer to the Registration  section of the Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (NLCHP).

Pan-Canadian Application

Please complete the application form below.

Pan-Canadian Entry-Level Examination – Application Form. Click HERE.

Please submit your application to:

Chair- CTCMPANL Exam Committee
47 Leslie St
St. John’s NL A1E 2V7

For further information on electronic submission, please contact one of the below.

Telephone: (709) 738-0158   Fax: (709) 722-5527

If you request accommodation for special needs, you are required to complete the following two forms and submit to accommodations@carb-tcmpa.org directly.  Please note that an Accommodation Request form is required for each specific examination administration, and the request when approved by CARB-TCMPA, will only apply to the current examination administration.

Pan-Canadian Fees

The fee schedule for the Pan-Canadian Examinations is as below:

(plus applicable tax)
PCE Acupuncturists Examination - ACU $250$915
PCE TCM Herbalists Examination - HER$250$915
PCE TCM Practitioners Examination - PRANANA


Examination Resources

The Application Guide is designed to provide candidates with information on the application process, policies, and instructions for the Pan-Canadian Examinations.  There are two documents for the written Pan Canadian Examinations, one for CARB-TCMPA and one for CTCMPANL

For those applying to register in Newfoundland and Labrador, refer to the CTCMPANL Clinical Competency Exam Application Form HERE.

Pan-Canadian Examinations Candidate Handbook (CARB-TCMPA, CTCMPANL)

The Examination Guide is designed by the Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CARB-TCMPA) to familiarize candidates with the format of the actual examination and to provide information on the content of the examination. More information is available at CARB-TCMPA.

  • Pan-Canadian Examination Candidate Handbook – New Version updated June 1, 2021 – ENGLISH | FRENCH

The Examination Guide designed by the CTCMPANL is to familiarize candidates with the specific requirements in Newfoundland and Labrador with respect to policies and submissions.


Entry-Level Competencies for TCM Practitioners

For more information on the Entry-Level Competencies for TCM practitioners, please refer to the Entry-Level Competencies Guide.


CTCMPANL Clinical Competency

All applicants wishing to register in Newfoundland and Labrador must successfully complete the College’s Clinical Competency exam.  This is a practical clinical exam and consists of 3 stations, point location, pulse assessment and needle/cupping/moxa technique.  There is a separate application form to be submitted to the chair of the examination committee for review. Please refer to the application guide and application form below.


Safety Program Handbook

This handbook provides an overview of the basic safety standards, procedures and processes that CTCMA-BC, CTCMPANL and CTCMPAO expect their registered members and registrants to comply in their day-to-day practice. Compliance will ensure protection to patients, the general public, members in the health care system, as well as the members or registrants themselves.




Pan Canadian Examinations

CTCMPANL Clinical Competency Examination


Past PCE Examination Results and Future Dates

For results from past examinations and tentative future examination dates please refer to the link below.




Please refer to the link for information on the Appeals process and the Examination Appeals Policy. 


Candidates are strongly advised to review the appeals policy and any other relevant materials, before requesting a nullification of their examination results. 

To submit an appeal, complete and submit the Request for Nullification form (2023-CARB-TCMPA-Request-for-Nullification-Appeal-Form.pdf) with the supporting documentation to appeals@carb-tcmpa.org.






The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Newfoundland and Labrador (CTCMPANL) is a non-profit entity that regulates the practice of Acupuncture in accordance with the profession of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in this province.

Mailing Address

47 Leslie Street, St. John’s NL
A1E 2V7